Motivational Speaker

Dallas Arcand Jr has a passion for helping young people to see the potential that their lives hold, and in working to help inspire them as he was once inspired. The current expression for this is 'playing it forward'.

Dallas Arcand Jr

Dallas facilitates workshops for Aboriginal people of all ages on these topics:

    • Education
    • Culture
    • Self-awareness
    • Hoop Dancing
    • Drug and Alcohol Abuse

In the workshops Dallas emphasizes cooperative learning, wellness and enjoyment.

One of Dallas' favourite activities is composing music. He has been doing this for more than six years. Dallas has been developing his own unique new hip-hop style, and he uses this method of communication to speak to young people in a way they can easily relate to. Through his inspirational songs he teaches them to recognize and deal with issues that they face in today's society and how to overcome negative situations.






" seems we have a new superhero in the building since Dallas' presentation on Saturday. Yesterday was my first day back since then and he is still the buzz of the building."