Calgary Stampede 2007 July 2013. Featured Performer - Calgary Exhibition & Stampede 2013. Once again, Dallas Arcand will be featured performing the hoop dance at the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede. In addition to playing a prominent role in the Grandstand Show each evening, Dallas will perform several times daily in the Rodeo event schedule.
April 2012. CD Release: Sacred Sweetgrass. Fans welcome another wonderful, eclectic collection of original native flute pieces by Dallas Arcand. The warm sound of the cedar flute is so beautiful, and the production values of this CD is just - well, you have to listen to it to experience it for yourself!
native flute

Dallas at World Championship
February 2012. Winner - World Hoop Dance Championships 2012. Dallas Arcand was once again awarded 1st prize at the Annual World Championship Hoop Dancing contest in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and the right to bear the title of World Champion Hoop Dancer. This is the third time that Dallas has earned this honour, having won in both 2006 and 2007.

The chance to clinch the World Champion Hoop Dancer title draws together the very best Native hoop dancers from throughout the United States and Canada for one spectacular weekend of athleticism, speed and grace. And in February, 2012, the world's top hoop dancers showcased their skills in a brilliant presentation of the intertribal hoop dance as they competed for the prestigious title at the Heard Museum's 22nd Annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest.

Over the years, the intertribal hoop dance has grown to incorporate creative designs, difficult manipulations of the hoops and intricate footwork. Each dancer presents a unique variation of the intertribal hoop dance, weaving in aspects of his or her distinct traditions and cultures. Individual routines are presented using as few as four to as many as 50 hoops, which are shaped to create a variety of designs including animals, butterflies and globes.
August 2006. Featured Speaker for "Healing Our Spirit Worldwide" Program. A talented motivational speaker, Dallas Arcand was a featured speaker for the HOSW program this year. The 2006 Gathering was a celebration of the health and healing of Indigenous Peoples around the world. The gathering was testament of the resiliency, courage, tenacity and the will of Indigenous Peoples everywhere to overcome the barriers to achieving self-determination in health and in healing.
July 2006. Featured Performer - Calgary Exhibition & Stampede 2006. Dallas Arcand was the lead performer of more than 30 Native dancers in this year's Stampede Grandstand Show. In addition to playing a large role in the performance each evening, Dallas performed several times daily in the Rodeo event schedule and on the grounds at outdoor stage venues.




"I didn't know my culture until I was 14. I'm 26 now and I'm still learning."