Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker is an accomplished singer/songwriter who has toured all parts of Canada, the US and Western Europe. She is working on her 3rd album which is to be released later on this year.

As well as being a musician, Wendy was the writer, director and actor in a play called “How the West Was Met”.

Other highlights in her career:

    • Studied at the Lee Strasbourg’s Actor's Studio in London, England for a year
    • Choreographed an Inuit dance show representing Canada at International festivals
    • Received Heritage Award for work in the Arts 2004
    • Received Esquao Award for work in the Arts 2005
    • Has been an Invited Artist at the Banff Centre for Performing Arts Creation residency two years in a row
    • Hosted the show “Profiles of Success” for APTN
    • Starred in the movie “The Girl Who Married a Ghost”
    • Director Producer for a three-hour video “Understanding Aboriginal Peoples” for Aboriginal Writers training video

Wendy Walker

“Water is Life” was produced and played by Peter D’Amico for Boxer Studios in Calgary and it was released on Black Bear Records.

The piano and synth solo was performed by Willy Joosen who is the Calgary Flame’s organist.

The writers of the song were Wendy and Peter as well as Jeremy Owen.

The vocalists include Dawn von Arnim, Lin, Shilopa, Rae, Jared, Rob Smoker, Joe Wilderson, Joe, Everett, Peter D’Amico, Casey, Shawn and Tristan.




"...it seems we have a new superhero in the building since Dallas' presentation on Saturday. Yesterday was my first day back since then and he is still the buzz of the building."