Flute Artist

Dallas Jr's love of music expresses itself in many ways. He has a particular fondness for the haunting sound of the native flute, and has become a talented player.

Dallas Jr plays a traditional cedar flute. His use of this instrument ranges from original compositions to the traditional style.

Dallas has been engaged as an entertainer to play flute for conferences and exhibition events, including the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede Grandstand Show.

He also includes flute in dance performances or speaking engagements where appropriate.

"Throughout the history of our culture, juniper, redwood and cedar have been popular woods for making flutes, and river cane was often used because it was easy to work with. Softwoods are most often used because they produce softer tones, which suits the style of indigenous music. It was also easier to carve.

"My own flute is a cedar one. I play other flutes as well because they have different tones. Each flute I use is in a different key; for example, the key of A, the key of B, the key of F#, and in the key of E. Each of these keys gives a different variety of sounds and emotions therefore, it creates a different feeling to the music.

– Dallas


"I didn't know my culture until I was 14. I'm still learning."