Dallas Arcand Jr

Dallas Arcand Jr is an Aboriginal Entertainer from the Alexander (Kipohtakaw) Cree Nation, located near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is best known as a hoop dancer as well as a motivational speaker and musician.

Dallas Jr is 20 years old. His natural warmth and gentle enthusiasm for life is engaging and infectious. A great role model, Dallas facilitates workshops for kids of all ages, on topics ranging from self-esteem to performance training for hoop dancing.

Dallas Arcand Jr is a second generation professional Hoop dancer and Aboriginal entertainer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He started performing with his father, 3 time World Champion Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand Sr, at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo Half-Time Show at the age of 8 doing the Grass Dance in front of crowds of up to 40,000 people and has continued to be a favoured Stampede performer since 2006.

In 2012, Dallas Jr performed in London at the 2012 Olympics alongside Canadian musician Corb Lund. He will be performing at the 2018 Olympics in Korea.

Dallas Jr placed 12th at the 2016 World Championship Hoop Dance Competition in Phoenix, Arizona, competing in the adult category at the age of 18.

He is an accomplished musician, playing flute, guitar, piano and drums. In 2016 he co-wrote a song that was selected by Flo Rider’s production team for inclusion on Flo Rider’s new album; it was cut from the album at the last minute. Dallas Jr is currently working with several hip-hop artists from Edmonton as a music producer.

Dallas Jr's solo CD is expected to hit the stores in the spring of 2018.

Performance Highlights


World Champion Hoop Dance 2016, 12th Place, Heard Museum, Pheonix, Arizona, USA.

    Choreography & Performances:

2018 - Booked to perform at the 2018 Olympics in Korea
2012 - Performed at the Olympics, London, England, alongside Canadian musician Corb Lund



"Everything in our culture comes in fours; that's why I have a representation of the four directions on my outfit. The four medicine wheel is also made up of the four directions – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self. When we have all these elements in yourself and they're all equally balanced, we're centred, grounded."